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Treat yourself or your family to an unforgettable experience with Mountainside Bike Tours of Cumberland, Maryland. We specialize in breathtaking custom bike tours and excursions along the C&O Canal and the Great Allegheny Passage.

Cyclist Tours

With our Bike tour packages, you can pedal from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and all points in between—over 334.5 miles of trail. Our excursions are tailored to your needs, from a weekend getaway to a full week of cycling and sightseeing. We easily accommodate groups of 1 to 50 riders, and when you book a tour with us, our arrangements include:

    • First Class Accommodations – B&Bs, Inns, Hotels, Cabins and Cottages
    • Gourmet & Specialty Meals
    • Access to Area Attractions – Historic Sites, Entertainment, Shopping, Scenic Train Excursions, Canal Boat Rides,

Whitewater Rafting, Kayaking and Sporting Events.

  • Shuttle Service
  • Guide Service
  • Luggage Transportation
  • Support Literature – Maps, Lists of Contacts, Detailed Itineraries and Descriptions

About The Routes

C&O Canal:

The C&O Canal follows the Potomac River for 184.5 miles, stretching from Cumberland, Maryland, to Washington, DC. The canal operated from 1828 until 1924, at which time it was destroyed by a major flood. The canal was used primarily to haul coal from the mountains of Western Maryland to the port of Georgetown in Washington, DC. Many of the original structures remain, including locks, lock houses and aqueducts. The trail itself is level, with a gravel surface in some areas and packed dirt in others.

Great Allegheny Passage:

The Great Allegheny Passage journey takes you through 150 miles of beautiful river gorges and mountain vistas along the longest rail trail in the East. Built on abandoned rail beds, the trail’s packed, crushed limestone “paves” the way with a nearly level grade, which does not exceed 2% at any given spot. The passage uses massive railroad bridges and tunnels to enable you to ride through the Allegheny Mountains, rather than over them.

Contact us for a personalized adventure on one of our scenic bike tours and excursions.


Contact us for a personalized adventure on one of our scenic bike tours and excursions.